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With Autonom Health it is very easy to take care of your own health. Learn which of your habits are really good for you.


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What makes Autonom Health special

Do you know what's good for you?

Autonom Health shows you the way to a healthy lifestyle. Find out in the app and the analysis portal which activities are good for you and your health. The LifeFire graphic developed by us and the analysis of the decisive lifestyle factors generate a reliable real-time indicator of your state of health.

  • You can now control your own health
  • Rely on an objective source: your autonomic nervous system
  • Use medically proven high-end technology
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“It calms you down to be able to measure your own health and capabilities.”

Dr. med. Alfred LohningerCEO Autonomhealth Gesundheitsbildungs GmbH
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Become your own health coach

You are doing something for your health from the moment you put on the chest strap. With the practical app, you can record your activities and observe how your autonomic nervous system reacts to the current stresses. Discover the joy of seeing your LifeFire rise!

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State of health

describes the “functionality” of the entire organism , the current constitution, performance and regeneration ability.


Biological Age

The heart rate variability correlates with health and age. The functional biological age therefore measures the current ability to adapt to changing external and internal conditions.

Peer-Group comparisons

All results , cardiac output and HRV data in graphical and numerical comparison with age and gender group.

Eating behavior

The number and duration of meals and meal breaks, in combination with the individual energy level during and after the meal, allow the current reflection of personal eating habits.


The exact sleep quality (exhausted sleep, suspicion of snoring, bad, medium, good, very good) in your own bed is calculated exactly for 5 minutes.

Stress management

Vegetative resilience describes the ability to handle stress and strain productively and still regenerate well.

Burnout resistance
The value measures the resistance to stress . The lower the biological age, the more adequate the physiological pattern during activation and rest phases, the better the physical and mental performance and sleep, the higher the burnout resistance.

Number, timing, duration and quality (lowering heart rate and sympathetic activity, increasing parasympathetic tone) of regeneration phases are assessed.

Performance potential

The level and dynamic progression of cardiac output and HRV data in comparison to one’s own age and sex group reflect the current level of physical and mental performance.

Mental performance

Complex algorithms calculate the degree of focus, physical tension and economy (from exhaustion or fatigue to flow) during mental performance.

Physical performance
Heart and HRV performance data calculate the target range, the die effectiveness  during und regeneration after physical exertion.

Concrete indivivdual recommendations on the basis of current measurementsfor targeted optimization.

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