Frequently asked questions


What is the scientific background of this method?

The scientific background of this fact and imaging diagnosis is the electrocardiogram (EKG), which is used to analyze the functioning of the vegetative nervous system more precisely than with other measurement methods. The HRV method, which is rapidly gaining importance due to the technological possibilities, is fully recognized in conventional medicine. Every year we carry out numerous research projects with the help of the HRV. The first study – “Temperature and Heart Rate” – was published as early as 1925! There are currently more than 25,000 publications on HRV in the pubmed portal. By the way, the cardiotocogram, which has been used to monitor people’s health before and during their birth for decades, works on the basis of HRV.

What is the difference to other HRV systems on the market?

  • The doctors, psychologists and natural scientists at Autonom Health have been working with experts in biosignal processing, IT and technology to make the best possible use of HRV for almost two decades. We now have the largest specific database for long-term HRV measurements.

  • The other systems on the market focus on HRV measurements over a few minutes. We offer measurements over 24 hours and more, including ongoing real-time feedback. A 3-minute measurement with an optical sensor cannot be compared with an EKG-accurate 24-hour measurement with a comprehensive, automated, highly precise performance analysis, explanations and personalized recommendations.

  • Others measure the pulse selectively on the wrist. We measure 24 hours in the immediate vicinity of the heart, which is what counts: The R-waves in the EKG – 1000 times per second!

  • There is a certain amount of extrasystoles and / or artifacts in every HRV measurement. Often a reason for incomprehensible measurement results. Our multiple filter system ensures that no extrasystoles and artifacts falsify the analyzes.

  • Others show a few, sometimes just a single parameter and do not explain the meaning of these values. We offer detailed explanations and recommendations for every measurement and combine all relevant HRV parameters into easily understandable statements. Therefore we can say exactly how the measured is doing in the individual activities and what that means for his health.

Confuse even invented parameters. All HRV parameters we use comply 100% with the guidelines of the Task Force of the European Society of Cardiology and the North American Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology for performing and analyzing HRV measurements.

  • After all, it’s not just the data. It depends a lot more on what you make of it. We deliver a 5-minute precise performance analysis with algorithms based on physiological principles.
  • In contrast to most other medical findings, HRV data show a strong age and gender dependency. In contrast to other providers, this fact is taken into account in the analyzes by Autonom Health. All collected data and results are peer group correlated.
  • The second indispensable pillar of correct HRV diagnostics is the “intra-individual longitudinal section”. In contrast to other systems, the artificial intelligence of our algorithms includes the results of our own previous measurements and thus enables a new level of accuracy.
  • The HRV must not become a secret science with its own interpretations. We have been offering comprehensive HRV training for years and have already certified more than 1,100 people as HRV experts.
  • Our HRV practical textbook is now considered the standard work on method – even beyond the German-speaking area.

How long should an HRV measurement be carried out?

We recommend a measurement period of between 20 and 28 hours so that all analysis parameters can be evaluated.

Why is the analysis portal used as the home base with all information and not the app?

For data protection reasons and to protect our intellectual property, the algorithms of our analysis system, which have been continuously improved over several years of development work, do not run on the smartphone but on servers with the best possible security. Therefore, the entire evaluation of the measurements, all analysis details as well as all explanations and recommendations can be found on the analysis portal.

What is the difference between a short-term and a long-term measurement?

A short-term measurement gives a selective insight into the dynamic course of functional regulation processes and requires strictly standardized measurement conditions. Even these only provide a relatively fuzzy analysis, because the HRV, as a highly sensitive measurement method, reflects the effects of ALL influences (including those that were long ago) (sleep quality, state of hydration, physical activation, stress, etc.). 24-hour measurements enable an unadulterated, highly meaningful insight into the entire everyday physiology and thus provide differentiated results for a wide variety of activities. The honest bio-psycho-socio-emotional feedback over 24 hours or longer enables precise self-control of one’s own living conditions.

How will the Bluetooth technology affect my heart and health?

Our hardware manufacturer gives the following statement:

“Rest assured that things are in a good order. 🙂 We take product safety, including radio transmission safety, extremely seriously. Movesense sensor radio functionality is verified by an external testing laboratory to be in full conformity with the EU legislation, namely Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU. The tests completed and passed include EN62479:2010 Health test. What some customers assume to be suspicious activity, is in fact absolutely normal operation. Even if there is no active Bluetooth connection underway, the Bluetooth radio is still “on”, advertising its existence briefly every 500ms and ready to be connected to. This is exactly the way Bluetooth devices work, as defined in the Bluetooth specification. Now why the field strength meter shows constant signal is most likely, now knowing the exact performance specifications of the device used on the video, due to the typical low pass filtering of the registered field strength before display.”

Hard- and Software

Which devices is the software compatible with?

In principle, data from all devices that deliver clean RR data and whose manufacturers do not encrypt the data can be imported into the Autonom Health Software. In addition to our own, six other devices can currently be used for High Quality HRV via Bluetooth 4.0:

  1. Polar H10
  2. Polar H7
  3. Suunto Smart Belt
  4. Cardiosport TP3
  5. 4iiii Viiiiva
  6. BlueLeza HRM Blue

We support operating systems from Windows 8+ and Mac OS X

Can I use my Garmin Venu as an EKG measurement? If not, why not?

Unfortunately no, because this sensor only measures the pulse at rest on the wrist. For valid statements, however, we need precise EKG measurements in HRV and suitable HRV sensors must be used for this.

Can the Polar H10 chest belt also save HRV data?

The polar belt H10 records HR data once per second in order to save HR data, i.e. pulse values, which can be read out in the Polar Flow app. However, HRV data cannot be saved.

Is the app available for iOS and Android?

The  „My Autonom Health Appto support the HRV chest belt system is available free of charge for iOS users in the App Store and for Android users in the Google Play Store.

The app does not recognize the sensor - what can I do?

The most likely cause that the sensor is not recognized by the app and therefore the connection does not work is an empty battery. Please insert a new battery and try again to establish a connection.

I don't remember my password, what can I do?

A new password can be automatically requested at any time in the registration box of the analysis portal under “Forgot password”.

The app doesn't work properly and keeps breaking off. Why?

You may not be using the latest version of the app! Therefore, please always carry out all ongoing updates and keep the app up to date.

Can we as a couple use the chest belt alternately and measure with it together?

The chest belt can be used alternately, but each user needs their own private account with a valid tariff!

Is it possible to correct or subsequently change the time periods of the activities in a current or past measurement?

The My Autonom Health app is a real-time HRV app that sends the data from the chest strap sensor to the analysis portal via Bluetooth. There they are analyzed and sent back to the app so that you can track your measurements online. Since changes during the measurement would lead to the collapse of the very complicated system,
Corrections are only possible to a limited extent, otherwise the analysis process would not be possible. In this way, you can only change the indication of the current activity in a running measurement.
AFTER the measurement is complete, ALL information can be corrected in the analysis portal!

Is the analysis portal also available in English?

The entire analysis portal with all its analyzes, reports, explanations and recommendations is also available in English with just one click of the mouse.

How is the assessment "exhaustion" to be seen in connection with the HRV?

As can be read in the HRV practical textbook (available only in German) on pages 104, 346-352 and especially on page 168, we define “exhaustion” as “decrease in HRV in all frequency ranges”. A differentiation between “tiredness” (i.e. a positive vagus activation) and “exhaustion” in the sense of a “standby” of the overall system, as can be seen as a result of an inadequately strong stimulus e.g. observed after too intense sport or too much alcohol is (so far) not taken in science – we think among other things with the synonymous use of chronic fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome. The (patho-) physiological differentiation between “tiredness” and “exhaustion” or between “good sleep” and “exhausted sleep” is, however, necessary for a targeted diagnosis.

How can I replace the battery in the sensor?

The battery should be replaced after approx. 6-7 long-term measurements. To do this, open the cover on the back of the sensor with a coin / letter opener or similar. Insert a new battery and try to connect again.

The most likely reason that the sensor is not recognized by the app or that the measurement simply cannot be started and the connection does not work is a dead battery!

After changing the battery it no longer works

After installing the battery and properly closing the cover, the sensor should light up to indicate that the sensor is trying to connect to the app. This means that the sensor does not flash, but only lights up briefly. Please check: When you press the cover on the back of the sensor, does a red light come on? That should be, because it means that the Sensor seeks contact. If it doesn’t light up, there seems to be something wrong with the battery. Please check again whether the battery has been inserted correctly!
What else to try:
• Open the battery compartment again and check whether the battery has been inserted correctly
• Make sure the cover clicks into place when closing
• check whether the sensor is paired
• toggle the starting location on and off
• Shut down and restart the phone without switching off the app or ending the measurement
• Wipe the app from the phone or even delete it completely and reinstall it
• check whether the sensor is correctly connected to the app.

In general, it is important that both the sensor and the mobile phone have a good charge level. Especially with mobile phones, we have observed that a low battery charge level and energy-saving mode can impair the measurement quality.

Data is no longer read from the app

If reading the data causes difficulties, some of the following tips could help:
• Simply switch off the mobile phone while the measurement is running, i.e. shut down the device completely and then restart it. However, do not end the measurement!
• switch on the location on the mobile phone
• reset the Bluetooth service on the mobile phone
• sometimes a new entry of the activities helps
• Briefly disconnect the sensor in the app and then reconnect it
Sometimes it helps to update the app or to reinstall it altogether. To do this, end any ongoing measurement, delete the app from the mobile phone and then reinstall the app so that the system can be restarted. Log in with your access data, connect the sensor and start a new measurement. Then everything should work fine again.

App "stuck" or runs in an "endless loop"

It can happen that the app gets into a kind of “endless loop” and the data transfer from the sensor to the app, on to the analysis portal and back is disrupted. Then it can also lead to measurement failures. In such a case, it can help to “wake up” the system again (see tips above) and encourage it to continue working.
Another tip would be to turn off the battery saver mode on your phone and always leave location on. This allows the system to run more stably and the cell phone no longer has such a strong tendency to turn off the app.
And then the Bluetooth service can be reset DIRECTLY IN THE My Autonom Health app in the “Settings”.

I work with a private account: How do I get values like pNN50, RMSSD, Total Power, LF/HF, etc.?

We have designed the analysis of the private account to be as simple and understandable as possible for laypersons. An overload of parameters, which the layperson who is purely interested in health cannot be classified and are therefore simply confusing, was deliberately avoided. Therefore, we only provide special parameters such as a pNN50, SDNN, RMSSD etc. in the analyzes of the partner accounts for the work as an HRV professional with patients and clients.


What is the difference between a chest strap system and an HRV recorder?

Both systems are suitable for measuring HRV data and do not differ in the measurement quality.
HRV recorder system:
The HRV recorder makes it possible to carry out a measurement independently of the smartphone and then upload the saved data to the analysis portal. All analysis results can be called up there.
Thanks to two adhesive electrodes on the chest, the recorder delivers excellent data quality. The HRV recorder is splashproof, but not waterproof! The device must be removed when showering, bathing, swimming and visiting the sauna.
The recorder is mainly used by partners measuring their clients, but can also be used with a private account. It can at any time be passed on family members, friends or acquaintances interested in a measurement.
HRV chest belt system:
The sensors in our chest belts are equipped with Bluetooth technology, which means that the data can be sent to the server via the “My Autonom Health” app. There they are analyzed and sent back to the app. It is thus possible to follow the measurement in real time on the smartphone. Thanks to the storage option in the EKG sensor, the data is also recorded while sleeping, diving or hiking, without a smartphone having to be nearby.
The chest strap system is completely waterproof and can even be worn while swimming or diving.
The chest belt system can only be used for private accounts in combination with the My Autonom Health App.

Is the chest strap system able to issue warnings during the day, e.g. to warn of an increased stress level or that you should take a break, etc.?

Thanks to the Bluetooth technology, the measurement data can be transferred to the analysis portal via the app. There the data is analyzed and the current results are sent back to the app. Therefore, feedback is possible even during the measurement.

How exactly does the data quality differ with the HRV recorder compared to the chest strap system? Can better or more precise conclusions be drawn or better / more precise values achieved with the HRV recorder because of the adhesive electrodes?

In principle, there is no difference in the data quality of the two systems.

The wearing comfort is to be assessed individually.

If the chest belt is too loose, the artifact rate with the HRV recorder is a little lower due to the sticky electrodes.

Can I swim or go to the sauna with the chest belt or HRV recorder?

HRV chest belt system: Since our chest belt system is waterproof, you can shower, bathe, swim, dive and even go to the sauna with it! HRV recorder system The HRV recorder is only splash-proof but not waterproof! Therefore, please put this sensor in a dry place before every shower, swimming pool or sauna visit and continue the measurement within 60 minutes.

Does the sensor have a memory?

Yes, the sensor in our chest belt system has a memory. This means that you don’t always have to have your mobile phone with you during the measurement.
Since the storage capacity is approx. 10-12 hours, you can even put the cell phone away while you sleep.

The measurement quality deteriorates after several measurements

Over time, sweat and fat can build up on the electrode parts on the chest strap, which impairs the measurement quality. This and any undesirable odor can be removed by washing the belt in a laundry bag at 40° in the washing machine.


How do I redeem a coupon code in the shop?

Place your item in the cart.

Then click on “view cart” on the top right:

Type your coupon code into the box below and click “apply coupon”.

How can I contact Autonom Health?

You can find all contact options at Support.

Can I withdraw from my sales contract?

To withdraw from the purchase contract within the statutory withdrawal period, please fill out the following form:

Download the “right of withdrawal” here.

Where can I redeem the license keys I received by I buying in the shop?

The voucher code activates the tariff purchased in the shop and can be redeemed in your account in the analysis portal on the “My Account / My Orders” page.

What could be the reason if my chest belt measurement doesn't work?

  1. Am I in the right app? The „My Autonom Health“-App should be used.
  2. Am I logged in with the correct account? I need a “personal account”.
  3. Do I have valid software? I can only take measurements with a valid tariff (single measurement, monthly or annual flat rate).
  4. Has the tariff been redeemed and recognized in the app? The voucher code for the software must be entered in the analysis portal in the private account. You can then log in to the app. If you have already been logged into the app before, but the app does not yet recognize the tariff, please log out again and then log in again. In the menu at the top left you can see whether a tariff is recognized as such in the app.
  5. Is my internet or wifi and bluetooth switched on? See ad directly on your smartphone.
  6. Am I working with the latest app version? It’s best to set automatic updates on your smartphone!

My chest belt is not recognized. What can I do?

  1. Please only connect the chest belt to the mobile phone directly in the app! If the chest strap has already been connected in the general Bluetooth settings of the mobile phone, it will no longer be recognized in the app. Please disconnect this connection.
  2. With Android it is helpful if the “location” is activated when establishing a connection. At Autonom Health, we do not read locations.
  3. If the chest belt is still not recognized, it may be because there are too many other Bluetooth devices nearby or the battery is weak.

English-language online training on BLINKIT

How can I access the HRV Online-Training?

You buy your chosen module or the overall training in the shop:

A link to the platform and a license key will be sent to you in the confirmation email.
You follow the link, create an account and choose a password. Then a page opens in which you enter the license key.
(If you accidentally close the browser, you can simply follow the link in the email again)

How can I see all my courses in BLINKIT?

To see all your courses, please click on the house-icon:

You can then see all your available courses. If you have booked the entire training, the exam will be made available after Module 4 has been finished.

How does the BLINKIT platform work?

The courses (Modules) consist of Chapters and Blinks.
Already accessed Blinks are green, not accessed ones are blue.
At the end of Module 1 & 2, there is an exam which has to be passed to complete the course. The exams consist of multiple-choice questions where ONE answer is correct.

Under “Welcome to the Autonom Health Academy” you can find general information about Autonom Health and use the “FORUM” to get into contact with other course members.

You can do this by adding a comment in the Forum.

Some videos/blinks have a complementary PDF document.
You can adjust the playback speed according to your individual needs:

I want to learn more about the English-language training

You can find all Autonom Health HRV Health Training options at:


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