Monthly subscription

49,00  incl. VAT

discover health

Content: The monthly subscription includes all evaluations of the My Autonom Health & Sports software

  • Analysis of the 10 significant health
  • 5-minute performance analysis during the measurement
  • all features of the sports software for training, performance and regeneration control
  • You can take as many measurements as you want on yourself within 30 days

For this product, compatible hardware is required! (HRV-chestbeltsystem, HRV recorder, Polar H10, Polar H7, Suunto Smart Belt, Cardiosport TP3, 4iiii Viiiiva, BlueLeza HRM Blue)

After the purchase, a license key will be sent to you by email. In the analysis portal at the code can be activated after logging in to your private account under “My Account” – “My Purchases” – “Redeem Voucher”.


Discover your health

You already have compatible hardware – regardless of whether it is a Bluetooth-enabled chest belt or HRV recorder – and you want to take care of your health?

The monthly flatrate “My Autonom Health & Sports” enables you to carry out as many HRV long-term measurements as you want within a month and thus objectively record your own state of health and observe how your physical and psychological well-being, health and lifestyle are changing and improving.

More about HRV


not included. You still need compatible software


Use the premium software My Autonom Health App & Portal for 30 days.


As many measurements as you want – for a whole month.

Try it out yourself with the sample evaluation in the demo account.

Login data for the demo account:
Password: Myhealth


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