“Mentales Immunsystem stärken”

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Online Seminar recorded in German

Mental hygiene for performance and well-being even in bad times

Online dialogue: Dr. med. Alfred LOHNINGER interviews
multiple award-winning keynote speaker, top trainer, author, high performance coach

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(Only in German!)

About Monika Herbstrith-Lappe

“As an ex-workaholic, I have my life issue – healthy performance versus stress that causes illness – in mind and under control. In the meantime it has become my job to encourage people to LEAD their private and professional life consciously. Decisive and indispensable for me as a physicist: “You need reliable feedback to steer your life in the right direction.”
When “MY AUTONOM HEALTH” gave me the opportunity to have an open dialogue with my heart without make-up and at any time, it was a new quality of feedback. Initially eye-opening & awakening, but soon building & encouraging to see how quickly vitality increases if you do the right thing for your own well-being with the recommendations from the analyzes.
I still recommend to my customers: “Take a look at your mental and physical health!”. And now I can advise them, with the evaluations from AUTONOM HEALTH you can really see them.
Mag.a Monika Herbstrith-Lappe, award-winning top trainer & keynote speaker, high performance coach, author of the book “leistungsstark & lebensfroh” (“powerful & cheerful”)
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