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Measure yourself with the HRV RECORDER

The ideal introduction to a healthy life

Content: Contains one HRV-Recorder

Product details:
FB Bodyguard 2
Weight 24g
Measurements: 47 x 63 x 10,6 mm
Sampling Rate 1.000 Hz
Measuring time: über 140 Stunden
Motion Sensor

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The ideal introduction to a healthy life

Do you sometimes feel exhausted and want your old power back? Ein Blick auf Ihr LEBENSFEUER® verrät viel über Ihren tatsächlichen Gesundheitszustand, Burnout-Gefährdung, Ihr biologisches Alter und Ihre mentale und körperliche Performance.

More about HRV


including a EKG-Recorderto record your data


Use the “Autonom Health”-App to record your activities which will then be fed into the Analysis Portal.


As many measurements on yourself as you want – for a month! Sichern Sie sich jetzt die zugehörige Software!

Your health

Measure health – and make up your own mind!

This HRV-recorder enables you to record your heart rate variability. No connection to the smartphone is required. After the measurement, the HRV recorder is connected to the computer and the measurement is transferred. The data provide you with objective information about your lifestyle and performance.

The perfect starting point for establishing habits that are good for your health. You can be your own health coach too.

Order it now and see for yourself!


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