Voucher: Annual subscription

299,00  incl. VAT

Health to give away

Content: Voucher code for annual subscription

  • The voucher includes evaluations of the 10 decisive health and lifestyle factors
  • 5-minute accurate performance analysis during the measurement
  • all features of the sports software for training, performance and regeneration control
  • 365 days of software usage

(You still need compatible hardware).

To print.

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The greatest gift of all: health

Do you know someone in your environment who is interested in their health but does not yet know HRV? With the “Annual Flat Rate” voucher and the “My Autonom Health & Sports” software, you create the perfect conditions for this. You can give someone the chance for a whole year to find out what their health is like and what influence you can have on it. In the best case, the person decides to take their health into their own hands in the long term.

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not included. You still need compatible software


Use of the My Autonom Health App & Portal software for 365 days.


After the annual voucher has been used up, the person can easily buy more credit.

Voucher code will be sent by email.