How does Autonom Health work?



Every day your chest strap or EKG sensor records 100,000 heartbeats and their variability.


Not only your own measurements, but also those of the peer group are included in the assessment of the measurements.

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You get a clear presentation of your health in numbers and pictures.


You analyze your health yourself. The HRV professionals and the community help with questions.


Learn what is good for your health and adapt your life accordingly.

AUTONOM HEALTH has the largest database of specific HRV measurements. This enables a peer group comparison with your age group and gender. Every new measurement from a total of 22,000 users is added to the database in real time.

You will get to know the AUTONOM HEALTH algorithm better and better. Every measurement you take is used to provide a better analytical understanding of your health.

Depending on the activity, an HRV is considered suitable. Therefore, AUTONOM HEALTH is the only application that allows the setting of 18 different activities in the app. Include if they walk, eat, sleep, exercise, and more.

Divided into 5 health & 5 lifestyle indicators, AUTONOM HEALTH provides you with a detailed picture of your health. How do you fare in terms of sleep, burnout resistance, physical and mental performance? Find out!

The LifeFire clearly shows you how things are going with your health, your energy, your ability to regenerate and much more.

What does your physical, mental performance, sleep and regeneration ability look like?

Based on your measurement results, AUTONOM HEALTH provides personalized recommendations for improving your health.

Easily exchange ideas with other members of the AUTONOM HEALTH HRV community. We ask the platform, you the questions.

Become your own health coach! AUTONOM HEALTH offers you everything you need to manage your health through proven medical procedures. Start getting to know yourself better today.

A network of more than 100 certified HRV professionals and partners in Austria, Germany and Switzerland will be happy to support you in analyzing and improving your health.

Get an idea of your health

Heart rate variability (HRV) is a measure of the overall adaptability of an organism and thus a measure of health. The heart rate variability is calculated from the millisecond intervals between the individual heartbeats of a person. The change in these time intervals is a measure of the regulatory ability of the autonomic nervous system .

The autonomous nervous system controls all essential functional processes in the human organism. The interplay of its two branches – sympathetic for performance and parasympathetic or vagus for regeneration – can be recorded and made visible by measuring the heart rate variability as evidence-based autonomic functional diagnostics.

Heart rate variability measurements are simple and meaningful: They provide precise and objective information about your physical and mental health, lifestyle and performance.

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You want to know it more specifically? Read how our technology works and the science behind it. The HRV is an evidence-based, proven medical technology. From now on it is also available to you at home.

CEO of AUTONOM HEALTH, Dr. med. Alfred Lohninger is a leading expert in the field of HRV and gives countless lectures on the subject at home and abroad. His books are considered standard works in HRV and lifestyle medicine.

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